In 1996 The transformation of holiday village succeeds, open formally .
In 1997 The holiday village win the title of" three stars travel hotel concerning foreign affairs" ,and take the third place in Province star class hotel match of Wuxi
,second place in putting western meal,total and set inquires in the third place.
1997-2001 The holiday village is civilization unit, garden type unit
1998-1999 The outstanding star hotel of Wuxi, Wuxi top ten star hotels.
In 1998 Get the name of "young civilization number of Wuxi"
In 1998 The match champion of the first technical ability in holiday district.
In 1998 General manager Cai AnPing is confered to" annual outstanding general manager of association of foreign-investment enterprise".
In 1998 In the chosen of first famous cook and dish of tourist hotel in Jiangsu Province, "Taihu silverfish arranges " it has obtained" the most good innovative dish",
"Celestial fruit of Lingshan "
and obtained " outstanding innovative dish" £¬one each for" four-star famous cook"," three-star famous cook".
In 2000 Obtain"Wuxi famous-brand shop",Provinces grades safe for advanced unit, province grades of young civilization symbol, City grade of young civilization number, Wuxi food and beverage 50 tops in 2000-2001 years
In 2001 Win four stars travel hotel concerning foreign affairs
In 2002 Wuxi city top ten star hotel, General manager Cai AnPing obtains" advanced individual of lake region of bank". Member of Chinese travel association, travel association of Jiangsu Province.Wuxi travel association hotel branch director, Managing director's unit of travel association of Binhu district.
¡ìMain road of star light

1. In 1998 Vice chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress comrade Peng Chong stays in the hotel,and inscribe and write inscription in one's handwriting "Bibo Garden Holiday Village".
2. In 1998 Has received annual meeting in the national mountains and rivers £¬Presidents Wang Daohans and contemporary China painting circleses, book jar classics, Arts association of every procince and studio professor assemble, and very satisfied with the reception of holiday village.Wang Daohan praises and calls epigraph: " bluish waves and garden bright pearl of Taihu", the famous expert of calligraphy and painting praises inferior bright question: " the bluish waves garden, the Peach Garden of Tai Hu".
3. In 1999 Sun Zhenyu of department of the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation moves in the holiday village,write"take advantage of the halo of Lingshan, the bluish waves in exhibition Tai Hu", Encourage the holiday village to be be developed energetically forward as the first hotel of three-star of system of foreign trade of Jiangsu.
4. In 1999 Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation vice-minister Long Yongtus,"Titanic"producer Steve Dr., famous director Tang Jili,WTO research presidents, Philadelphia film festival chairman, President, the province, municipal government important leader of college of law of Harvard£¬gives highly praises for hotel service.
5. In 1999 Have succeeded in receiving famous artists, such as Li Shuangjiang, Guan Mucun, Yang Hongji,etc..And in 2002,has received the favorable comments of famous performing art families, such as Sun Yue, Hou YueHua, Yin Xiangjie, Wei Wei,etc., and sign and regard as memory.
6. In managing for many years, we have received numerous parties and the leaders of the country, provincial government many times.The leaders of the provincial government,Han Peixin, Chen Huanyou, Wang RongBing, Jiang Ding all received highly praise services in the holiday village. The holiday village receive various countries consul general to Shanghai,East China listed company president and General manager of group of national foreign trade etc.

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